Bob Parker, President
Denise Thomas, Treasurer
Sandra Schwartz, Secretary
Tom Burch
Mike Burger
Richard Harger - Honorary
Terry Maxwell
Lloyd Plank � Honorary
Mark Ramsey
Scarlett Sabin
Jim Williams,
BERC President 2016-17

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About Us

The Plank Foundation was established in 1985 by Lloyd and Patty Plank and the Rotary Club of Bakersfield East to provide funds to help those less fortunate in the areas of health, hunger and humanity

Our mission is to provide emergency funds in the areas of health, hunger and humanity, as well as needed funds for cancer care, cancer treatment, and the needs of Hospice organizations, all within Kern County.

We are dedicated to continuing the fight against cancer by supporting such local organizations as the Florence R. Wheeler Cancer Center, which provides state of the art cancer care and treatment.

The Plank Foundation believes in compassionate care and support for those in our community who are suffering from cancer or terminal illness. Our vision is to ensure that terminally ill patients receive quality care, to provide their families with needed assistance, and to ultimately eliminate cancer in our community.

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